Bookable Modular Furniture


Bookable Modular Furniture is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. If you publish your version of Bookable Modular Furniture, both commercially and non-commercially, you are obliged to give credit to Claus Nicolaisen and link to this website:

 I will be excited to follow the spread of the design – so please send me an email with links to and images of your work with Bookable Modular Furniture.

Create your own!

Bookable Modular Furniture is designed, so it can easily be (re)produced. You can use a laser cutter, a CNC-router or even just a normal jigsaw to build your basic modules. Files required for reproduction can be downloaded here.

Book a workshop!

The modular furniture can serve as a departing point for workshops oriented towards both design and technical applications of various technologies. The design is created as my final project at FabAcademy – but my reason to participate in FabAcademy is to be best possible prepared to promote innovation through the spread of design thinking, digital fabrication and programming.

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